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Building Backlinks To Rank On First Page Is Bad

Building Backlinks To Rank On First Page Is Bad

Backlink building is one of the most common key factors to rank on search engine first page but doing it the wrong way is very bad and which may allow search engine panda to hit your blog.

Never listen to anyone telling you that backlink building is not common or not consider in blogging because that is just to deceive you so as you won’t be able to compete with them while they keep selling course to you in other to generate incomes from you while they keep making great things with their over growth blogs.

Backlink building is common and necessary or in fact, it is very important to build backlinks to your website but doing it the wrong way will definitely make you to spend time waiting when to get those juicy recognition because with backlinks everything becomes effective.

Is it common to say eat the rice without using the plate? No unless you are yet to dish out the rice but the main purpose for SEO is contents and Backlinks. The more the contents, the more the backlinks should be but doing it the right way will definitely skyrocket your chance of ranking on search engine first page.

How To Build Backlinks The Right Way

Have you ever been told that building backlinks to your WordPress tags is very necessary in other boost your ranking results on search engine?

Here’s my biggest secret ever since 2014. I started blogging full time in 2014 which I have lost counts of how many courses that I have bought, well most of the courses works while others did not work so I will rate all courses bought as a 50% work rate. From all the course I bought, I found myself happy with the results I was getting from of the course hich I paid about $180 on understanding the thorough impact and process in SEO. I did not only learnt about seo but I also learnt to understand the want from any of my targeted search engine which is google.

Putting in consideration about DA and PA, they are 2 different things about them but they are compulsory which I’d like to talk more about if only I’m free to elaborate more about the difference between Domain Authority and Page Authority.

As we know DA is Domain Authority, this is the strength of your domain against your competitors while PA is Page Authority which simply means the strength of your page and post so tell me the truth, you have only consider in boosting your DA and did you remember the advantage of PA?

You keep building trust to your homepage url and forgetting your inner chamber, why then are you called an SEO expert?

There was a post made by a user on Facebook group of bloggers around the world, I was waiting for a bet for those saying one can not rank on a low competitive keyword difficulty on a new blog domain, I was so pained because no one could bet upon the argument made (may be there is a doubt mind) but here’s the magic on how to rank on a low competitive keyword difficulty on a new blog:

The point is to rank on the keyword right?

Lets say we are to write on a keyword research of Hire A Web Developer (according to the keyword giving and depending on search volume).

Then let’s say my title will be => Why You Should Never Hire A Web Developer When You Can Develop Without A Coding Idea

Obviously that title was a trick to trigger your audience to click your blog from search engine.

On my content, I’d make sure that my target keyword must be use and must appear on a h2 element even at the end of my content. Don’t forget to also include the search related intents to your content.

Let’s say below are the related search intents from the Google search engine, I will use the below words to input the intent

Think of hiring a web developer when you can definitely become one because below are what others who have no idea about developing a website are also searching which simply means you can definitely Develop a website without an idea:

Web developer
Backend web development
Custom web application development
Entry level web developer salary
Full stack web development
How much does a web developer make
Online web development degree
Remote web developer jobs
Web app development company
Web application development services
Web design and development company
Web design and development services
Web developer bootcamp
Web developer degree
Web developer internship
Web development certificate
Average web developer salary
Custom web development services
Front end web developer jobs
Front end web development
Junior web developer salary
Learn web development
Web designer vs web developer
Web developer courses
Web developer job
Web development certification
Web development course
Web development near me
Web development service
Web development tools
Back end web development
Ecommerce web developer
Ecommerce web development company
Hire web developer
Introduction to web development
Junior web developer
Magento web development
Python for web development
The web development team is having difficulty connecting by ssh
Top web development companies
Web app development services
Web design & development
Web developer entry level jobs
Web developer freelance
Web developer interview questions
Web developer salary california
Web developer salary entry level
Web developer school
Web development applications
Web development chicago
Web development degree
Web development firm
Web development schools
Web development training
Best web development company
Chrome web store developer
Custom web development company
Entry level web developer
Figma web developer remote jobs
Find web developer
Freelance web developer salary
Frontend web developer
Java web development
Jobs in web development
Salary web developer
Software engineer vs web developer
Web application developer
Web design and development agency
Web design development
Web design vs web development
Web developer course
Web developer jobs remote entry level
Web developer portfolio examples
Web developer salaries
Web developer skills
Web developer vs software developer
Web developer vs software engineer
Web developing companies
Web development internship
Web development job
Web development languages
Web development resume
Web development software
Web page development
What is full stack web development
Wordpress web development
Back end web developer
Best ecommerce web development services
Certification web developer
Certified web developer
Custom web application development company
Custom web application development services
Develop web app
Develop web application
Developer web
Developing web applications
Drupal web development

Mind you, your related search intents shouldn’t be this much and it should be limited to at least 5 or 7. The purpose of using this search intents is to increase your traffics count from search engine if only you check their search volume, you’d be amaze.

At my tags, I will definitely make sure I include all the keywords (all the search intents listed here) about my title on the tag and also my featured image will also have an alt that has the keyword.

After publishing, (Don’t listen to anyone saying you shouldn’t build backlinks to your post because you been patient waiting for results is quicker enough to blink before the speed of light) I make the post get index by using Seoscrib Instant Indexer (it’ll be index in less than 5mins of publish) and once it’s index, here’s how I build my backlinks using the white hat SEO method.

Option 1: I will build backlinks to my homepage

Option 2: do backlinks to the post url

Option 3: do backlinks to all my tags and definitely my domain url tag link

Option 4: build backlinks from search engine results.

At least a total of nothing more thank 100 links a day for 7 days is enough to rank on that title I wrote about.

Moreso, there’s a very crucial way I build backlinks too which I didn’t mention here but using my methods, I bet you that, you’ll definitely smiling your way of getting much organic traffics and not hoping for social media traffics always.

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