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JavaScript Codes That Will Automatically Increase Your Website Traffic When Your Blog Post Got Copied

Here Is A JavaScript Codes That Will Increase Your Traffic When Content Theft Copy Your Article

Have you been finding it difficult to stop bloggers from copying your blog content without your authorization or giving back credit to you?

Content Theft is one of the major pains a content creator faces because of the stress they pass through in writing out unique content, same thing goes to a movie producer and also a YouTuber who takes their precious time to create something unique and marvelous but at the end, other people steal those ideas away from them without their prior consent.

Well, as an SEO expert, I can tell the pains on how bad one may feels seeing those copy and paste bloggers still ranking more than where the content was copied from and also, as a web developer, I have been able to come out with a solution called Copy With Traffic Back.

Let me explain what the terms Copy With Traffic Back mean.

Copy with Traffic back is a word generated from my research and it simply means when a blogger copy your content without your prior consent, they will automatically gives you backlink to your specific keyword which will gives you a green light in ranking on that keyword and at the end, drives enough organic and direct traffics to your blog.

In other to achieve this, you will need the use of making keyword research and also writing about a trending keyword or updates so as they can definitely copy your blog content and which will automatically gives you back a credit.

document.addEventListener(‘copy’, function(e) {
// Get the selected text
var selectedText = window.getSelection().toString();

// Specify the keyword you want to use as the anchor text
var keyword = ‘keyword’;

// Get the text color of the copier website
var textColor = window.getComputedStyle(document.body).color;

// Get the current webpage’s URL
var currentUrl = window.location.href;

// Anchor the selected text to your website url with the keyword as the anchor text and the text color of the copier website as the link color
var anchor = ‘‘ + keyword + ‘‘;

// Add the anchor to the clipboard
e.clipboardData.setData(‘text/html’, anchor);
e.clipboardData.setData(‘text/plain’, selectedText);

// Prevent the original copy event

The above code will automatically anchor the selected text to the current webpage’s URL with the specified keyword as the anchor text and the text color of the copier website as the link color when the user copies and pastes it.

Summary of the above words: When a blogger copy your content, the code will automatically copy your link and anchoring it with your specified keyword then when the blogger paste what he or she copied from your blog, your anchor text link will automatically be there while making the color of the link to be like the blogger blog post text so as the blogger won’t notice anything.

All you need to do from the above code is to change var keyword = ‘keyword’; to var keyword = ‘put your keyword’; that you want a free backlink.

Trust me, the content theft won’t know after they copy your content unless they get a statistics plugin like Jetpack that tells them the result of link clicks.

Where Should I Put The JavaScript Codes?

The above JavaScript code should be put at your WordPress footer theme so as not to hinder your website loading speed that’s why it is required that all JavaScript codes should be added in footer.php

Conclusion : The above code does not hurt or harm your blog but it stop people from copying your content and pasting them in their website when they notice about the trick and at the same time, it build an authority of your website in ranking and traffic terms.

In other to make this code works for you, you will need to remove any codes hindering people from copying your blog post and allowing the right click of the mouse on their computer.

Enjoy more organic and direct traffics. Please share this post.

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