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Hidden Secret About How To Do A Proper On-Page SEO – Rank On First Page [WordPress]

WordPress blogs are doing wonders this 2023, I’d prefer WordPress blog than blogger blogspot because everything needed on WordPress is as easy than any other CMS.

WordPress is one of the most and popular CMS to build any kind of niche blogs but you know one thing about WordPress? It has everything you needed. So here is another big revealing secret on how to rank on Google search engine first page using this very high On-page SEO technique on your WordPress website.

1: Login to your WordPress admin dashboard: everything that need to be done must be from your WordPress admin dashboard, so login to your admin account and follow the next process.

2: Access the theme page: in other to access the theme page, if you’re on desktop mode, at your left side view, click the menu then scroll down and click the appearance which a drop down will be made. Click themes and a page will load to open.

Here is a simple website link to quickly access the themes page of your WordPress website using as an example.

In other to access the themes page, you will need to change to your own WordPress website url.

3: Install WordPress SEO Theme: a better and friendly WordPress SEO Theme will not just help you but it will ease the stress for you and I have already written a content about Best Most Wanted WordPress SEO Themes To Boost Your Rankings. SEO WordPress themes will definitely increases your WordPress website traffics, increase your ranking space on Google search engine and also reduces your WordPress website bounce rates.

4: Check if the Meta Tags are properly set: A better seo WordPress themes will have all the most necessary and search engine friendly understanding meta tags but if the theme that you are using currently does not have the needed meta tags, an advice to you it’s either you change the WordPress theme or you update your theme header.php with the below meta tags for WordPress website.

Best Search Engine Meta Tags For WordPress Website

Image Source:

On how to edit your themes PHP code depend the type of WordPress theme that you are using and below code should be added to your theme header.php file.

Here are some important meta tags that can help improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO):

Title tags: The title tag is the most important and common on-page SEO element. It tells search engines what your website is all about. Using the title meta tags, it should be no longer than 60 characters.

Meta descriptions: The meta description is a summary of your website page that appears under the title tag in the search results. Using the meta tag description, It should be no longer than 160 characters and should entice users to click on the link.

H1 tags: H1 tags are used to signal to search engines the main topics of a webpage. There should be only one H1 tag per page and it should contain your primary keyword.

Alt tags: Alt tags are used to describe images on a website. They are important for SEO because search engines are unable to see images and rely on alt tags to understand the content of images.

Canonical tags: Canonical tags help prevent duplicate content issues by telling search engines which version of a webpage is the original.

Robot tags: Robot tags tell search engines which pages on your website to crawl and index. They are also used to prevent pages from being indexed.

It’s important to note that using the meta tags code alone will not skyrocket your ranking on search engine because SEO involves a combination of both on-page and off-page factors, such as high-quality content, backlinks, and technical SEO.

To use the above meta tags on your website, Here is an example of how you can use meta tags:


The above codes should be added at the top of the head of your theme.

The title tag goes in the head section of the HTML document and is used to specify the title of the website. The meta tag with the name attribute set to “description” is used to provide a description of the website. The h1 tag is used to specify the main heading of the website. The img tag is used to display an image on the website and the alt attribute is used to describe the image. The link tag with the rel attribute set to “canonical” is used to specify the original version of a webpage. The meta tag with the name attribute set to “robots” is used to control how search engines crawl and index the website.

5: Use A Better Permalink: Using a better permalink will also makes your WordPress website url user and search engine friendly. A better permalink should easy and friendly and once set, it shouldn’t be reset again.

6: Updating Your WordPress Pinging Service: in other for an instant indexing factors, you should update your WordPress list of pinging service following the below steps and using the below list.

Feed Shark
Blog Buzzer
Google Blog Search
Ping My URL
Blog Search Engine
Feed Burner Ping Shot
Total Ping

7: Using an SEO WordPress Plugin: there’s a content about the most use WordPress SEO Plugins by popular blogs which can be read – Most Wanted WordPress SEO Plugins

Here’s an untold secret you may have not heard of and implying this process into your blogging career will generate growth in your blogs and Don’t forget that content is king. The way you write your content also play a role in your On-page SEO and the more you write, the more traffic keeps coming in.

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