Best WordPress SEO Plugins To Rank Number 1

Rank #1 On Search Engine With The Most Wanted WordPress SEO Plugins

Best WordPress SEO Plugins That Will Make You Rank Number 1 On Search Engine

Best WordPress SEO Plugins To Rank Number 1

Wanting to skyrocket your search engine result to rank on first page of any search engine then you should consider doing the right thing at the right time with your WordPress blog.

WordPress SEO is one of the most easiest task to do as a blogger because everything you need to rank on Google search engine is already available for you likewise how the availability of WordPress SEO Themes.

As a blogger using WordPress, you should know that what you need is time and patient because anything needed to be successful in the blogging career is ready so today let me show you the secret that most popular bloggers uses in their blogs which is known as the most wanted WordPress SEO Plugins.

Top 5 Best WordPress SEO Plugins To Rank Your Website

Best WordPress SEO Plugins To Rank Your Website

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1: WordPress SEO Plugin By Yoast : As far as SEO for WordPress is concern, Yoast plugin remains number 1 and the unbeatable best WordPress SEO Plugins because of the search engine friendly features it has which makes it one of the best WordPress plugin to be install in any of your WordPress website.

2: SEO Squirrly WordPress SEO Plugin : SEO Squirrly remains the second choice of the most wanted WordPress SEO Plugins to be installed because it also has features that Yoast doesn’t have which makes it the second best WordPress Plugin.

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I know you’d be worried about how possible this two WordPress SEO Plugins will be install and won’t it conflict the ranking of your website?

Well, the answer to your worries is that, you should install the two plugins because installing them will definitely help your website health in terms of ranking your keywords and below is the easiest way to configure WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast and SEO Squirrly WordPress Plugin without hurting your website ranking factors.

√ After installing and activate the two plugins, all you need to do is to activate Yoast sitemap and also configure other settings on the Yoast setting page while for SEO Squirrly, do not activate sitemap but activate and configure every other settings from the SEO Squirrly plugin settings. Do not forget to synchronize your Google search console settings from the SEO Squirrly.

Doing the above settings will keep everything neutral and natural which in return will definitely give you a better results.

3: JetPack WordPress Plugin : Off course you do need a plugin that will show you a statistics of your effort that is why Jetpack WordPress Plugin comes involved.

Obviously you’d be wondering instead of choosing Jetpack WordPress Plugin why not MonsterInsight WordPress Plugin that shows google analytics results?

You’re correct if your doubt and wanderings are right but since your effort is to get a better ranking results and since you’re working to see results from search engines then you should also consider using something that’s not built from or related with search engine that will show you the results you needed that is why Jetpack WordPress Plugin comes into this. Since jetpack get it traffic statistics from it own API, the results there can be compare with the effort you are making so there is nothing bad if you can also install and activate the MonsterInsight WordPress Plugin too.

4: Pingler WordPress Plugin : Don’t feed your blogs without letting others know. After publishing a new content on your blog, you would also need people to read your nice content that’s when Pingler comes in. With Pingler service, your newly published content get search engine notice by pinging all search engine about the new post made from your blog. You really need Pingler if you ever love a faster and instant indexing of all your blog post.

5: Inline Related WordPress Plugin : You must know that referring people to read more about a particular post in your WordPress website matters alot because it boost traffics and increase the authority of your web page in terms of SEO. Inline Related post WordPress Plugin automatically embed an internal link with and anchor text in all your publish post which refers readers to take note that there is a similar content which is related to the present one they are ready. This increases traffics and reduces the bounce rate of your WordPress website. Using this plugin will makes your readers to be busy on your blogs.

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Doing what is right will definitely lead you to a better spot where there is so much and amazing incoming traffics, here’s a big win win tips for 2023 most wanted WordPress SEO Plugins you must have in your WordPress website. In case you haven’t been doing it in a proper way, having so many WordPress Plugin may hurt the ranking of your website that is why we wrote a content about this for you.

Did we miss anything or haven’t you been doing it the proper ways for a WordPress website? Drop a comment, let’s help and let’s learn together.

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