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Top 5 Web Hosting Company To Avoid This Year

As a web developer, I have been able to test the services of all the listed web hosting companies here but before I will continue, I want to teach you and make you understand why is very important to choose a better web hosting company.

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Web Hosting Company For Business

Either your website is meant for business or for personal purpose the overall truth is that web hosting is one of the most essential backbone of your success online, believe it or not.

If it happens that your website are always downtime, it will definitely destroy the plan of your success online but do you know that they are exactly web hosting companies you should avoid even as a newbie or beginner to this blogging but before we continue, here are the main important advantage and disadvantage to look after before purchasing to use any of the web hosting company.

1: Reviews: Yes, it’s very important for you to check thoroughly about the hosting company both on social media and on search engine in other to know their faults and the issues their former and present customers are facing before you plan using them. If people complains so much about website downtime and the rest below, I will advice you to back off from planning to use such hosting company because it won’t suit your needs.

2: Customers Satisfaction: Just like I mentioned above and for this part, if their customers service are too poor and slow, you should never plan using that web hosting company because whenever you needed an urgent fix for a particular issue, you’d have to wait till whenever they are good to respond.

3: Visibility Ratio: Whenever you check for any of the hosting company review that you are about using and you found out that almost everyone who might have use them are complaining about website been offline or downtime too often, you are advice to make a U turn and consider replanning to choose a better web hosting company

4: Business Integrity: Lately, I have experience this and it ought me so much which I will briefly explain after a short note about what business integrity mean. If a business owner is not full of truth or not straight forward to their words, you should never use their services.

I experienced such issues since a client hire a web developer services from our company and he needed a specific hosting server which I had to contact Abollyhost, to cut the long story short. Abollyhost is nothing but a very bad and poor web hosting company because all their services are just misleading in other to earn money online.

5: Quality Speaks: Figure out what people are talking about their services, if their services is good, go on using that hosting company which you want to.

Top 5 Web Hosting Company Near You That You Should Avoid This Year

Abollyhost Web Hosting Company Review

In whatever you want to do online for business, Don’t ever plan using Abollyhost Web Hosting Service and Solution because that server is full of 100% downtime, poor customer care, poor customer satisfaction, misleading of prices in their services, a total poor loading of website, slow connection and so on. It occurs that your website will be offline which will occur 2 or 3 times in a week. Despite their plan prices, they are very poor in delivery good services. So is your choice to consider using them or not.

Whogohost Web Hosting Company Review

Whogohost are only good in selling and keeping domain as a domain reseller, any other services listed on their website are extremely poor like the above mentioned hosting company. I’d advice you to check out for Whogohost Web Hosting Review both on social media and on search engine.

DomainKing Web Hosting Company Review

One common thing that DomainKing will do to your website is whenever your website has issue, they will delete all your website files which you have no option but either to keep hosting with them by starting afresh or use another hosting company. Don’t forget, they also faces downtime issues and other related web hosting errors / issues.

Truehost Web Hosting Company Review

After the like of Abollyhost, Truehost and Whogohost are all the same in poor operation of good business services. Poor customer care, 100% website downtime, Poor loading of website and so on.

Qserver Web Hosting Company Review

This web hosting company only cares of the money they get and once a customer paid for their hosting plan, they won’t be able to enjoy what they bought but filled with bad impressions.

Conclusion : The above list web hosting company in Nigeria you should avoid this year. They are not just posted to label their business bad but base on experience as a web developer or web developing company, we have encountered so many errors and issues with them but today, we have also show you the best web hosting companies near you that you should consider.

Is there anything else we are missing?, Please drop it as a comment and Don’t forget to share every of our post.


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